Why You Must Own Your House @ Jemras Nig. Ltd

Why You Must Own Your House @ Jemras Nig. Ltd

Home ownership is something we all dream of. Owning a house is laying down roots and having a space and place that really belongs to you.

Having a roof over one’s head isn’t luxury but a necessity. Nelson Mandela said, “If a man has not built a house, he has not got a home”.

Here, are vital reasons why you must have your own house:

1. To prepare for old age and retirement
Have you ever given it a thought, how you’ll cope with rent at 75 when you will perhaps be retired or too old to work and earn as much as you do presently?. Owning your house secures your future in terms of shelter. You become emotionally, financilaly and psychologically at rest because you don’t have to worry about rents and landlords.

2. Rent keeps rising
April last year precisely, agents complained about the hike of miniflats in Bode Thomas and environs from the usual 250-300k to 400k. Guess how much a standard Miniflat in that area goes for now? 700k! Yes, 700k! Just in case you are in doubt, a miniflat is a room and parlour with the usually conveniences. How much do you think miniflats in that area would go for in 15 to 20years from now? You must leave that house now. Rent will continue to increase. Start planning how to build your own house.

3. To stop living a life of fear
While landlords are always happy as pay day gets closer. Tenants are always afraid, anxious, and emotionally disturbed on how they will meet up with rents. Some have to save extensively, take loans or even sell some properties to meet up. When you have your own house, you no longer have to be bothered about these things.

4. It is the best legacy for your children
House is one of the few assets that keeps appreciating. Its value only increases, promising a good return on investment. It is the best lagacy you leave for your children not clothes, cars or even money

5. To fulfill one of life’s most important goals.
Settling down, having children, traveling, and building your own house are some of the most important life goals. Although, not many are able to achieve the latter. But, it is of great essence and increase in self worth that we truly own our own house. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment as humans.

The benefits of home ownership cannot be overempahised. If you are already strongly considering owning a house like I will do after reading this you should contact Jemras Nig. Ltd to help you secure the best and most suitable house of your choice. Our goal at Jemras Nig. Ltd remains providing suitable lands, homes and properties for everyone irrespective of their social class, income and all else.

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